TiwulFx 2

What is TiwulFX?


TiwulFX provides JavaFX custom components specially designed to work with java POJO object. It has 2 main components: TableControl, Form; and also customized column and input components to display a specific data type. Table control is interesting as it has out of the box pagination, export to excel, paste from excel, sorting, and filtering features. Besides that, the Agile Editing mode allows user to edit records faster.


Form control is a container for input controls. Just set the POJO object to the form, and the input controls inside it will display the value that corresponds with assigned property name. No need to set the input control’s value one by one. It also has a tiny popup to display validation error.


As a bonus, the Message Dialog is developed to let the application to ask for user’s answer in a more communicative way. Since “OK” is not Okay, developer is encouraged to give more meaningful action labels in the dialog buttons.