V1.1_rc1 Release

TiwulFX Release Candidate 1 (actually v1.1_rc1) has been released. It is planned to be the last release before final. The next sprint will focus on testing and bug fixing. New features will be developed in v.1.2 cycle. Grab the demo and the library in our repository download page.


New Features

  1. Implement TickColumn. This column is just to mark a row. Use CheckBoxColumn to display boolean value of record.
  2. Implement Paste from Excel. String separated by tab will be put in next cell. String in the next line (separated with n) will be put in below cell.
  3. Export to excel support stacked header as in TableControl.
  4. Changed row has different background defined in tiwulfx.css.
  5. [TiwulFX Demo] Demo tick column.
  6. [TiwulFX Demo] Provide Master Detail table demo.

Bug Fix

  1. Changing date value in DateColumn by clicking calendar button and selects a date is not committed. Because the date field cell editor is not focused. Same happens to LookupColumn.
  2. Nested column always be put in the last columns of spreadsheet. Now the column order is the same with TableControl.
  3. Export to excel exports value as in database. Now exports value as displayed in TableControl.
  4. Newly added row is not always visible. Now TableControl will scroll to the new row right after clicking insert button.
  5. Refine UI looks.
  6. [TiwulFX Demo] Replace EclipseLink with Hibernate to enable filtering in joined columns and to enable lazy initialization.

Please let us know if you have any problems, feature requests or if you find bugs. TiwulFX issue tracker is the best place to discuss them. Please notice that some API are deprecated. Check API documentation to get information of the replacement method. The deprecated methods will be excluded in final release.