V1.1 Final Release

There is no additional feature in this release, only bug fixes, code enhancements and deprecated methods removal. Please get the binary in TiwulFX download page. However, there is MainMenu prototype control that is used in TiwulFX Demo application. Take a look at the screenshot below, the left panel is MainMenu control. It is collapsible. Please ignore the random icons chosen in the menu.

TiwulFX Demo [Using TiwulFX 1.1]_020


Enhancements & Bug Fixes:

  1. Redraw icon.
  2. Fix bug: in insert mode agile editing = true, after delete an unpersisted row, the cell editors are not displayed. Now after delete a new row, the other new row is selected and the cell editors are displayed.
  3. Fix bug: cannot commit edit by pressing enter if the edited row is the last row. Now the new value is committed by pressing enter. Pressing escape afterwards will trigger navigation mode while the new value remains.
  4. Fix bug: if CheckBoxColumn is not required and null label is defined, pasting the null label throws an exception. Now pasting null label text works as expected.
  5. Include implementation version in generated manifest file. To check the version, run java -jar tiwulfx.jar in terminal.
  6. Delete deprecated methods.
  7. [TiwulFX Demo] Replace toolbar with MainMenu prototype.
  8. [TiwulFX Demo] Display tiwulfx version in the title bar.
  9. [TiwulFX Demo] Remove tick column in “Edit in Form” form.
  10. [TiwulFX Demo] Display a message after generating new records.