DetachableTabPane Supports Docking and Reordering

Finally our team can deliver the docking and reordering DetachableTabPane. We were amazed with the awesomeness of DockFX. we also took inspiration (and several lines of code) from it. However we need the docking funtionality based on Tab just like in NetBeans IDE. So we enhanced DetachableTabPane as you can see in the following video.


All the codes are available in our BitBucket repository:

tiwulfx-samples, you will be interested with detachable-tab project. Run it, detach/reorder/dock the tabs, you’ll see it.

tiwulfx code, ensure you see the java8 branch. Other branches are for JDK 7.

We would love to know if you find any bug, or if you have suggestion. Please put them in the issue tracker.