TiwulFX New Features and Fixes

We are continuously¬†developing TiwulFX. Please check our repo. We just pushed several noteworthy features and fixes: Better support of internationalization. There is a new method to register new literal files. Check TiwulFXUtil.addLiteralBundle() method. Now developers can customize images used in TiwulFX control by extending GraphicFactory class. Also check TiwulFXUtil.setGraphicFactory() method. There are new samples located […]

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V1.1 Final Release

There is no additional feature in this release, only bug fixes, code enhancements and deprecated methods removal. Please get the binary in TiwulFX download page. However, there is MainMenu prototype control that is used in TiwulFX Demo application. Take a look at the screenshot below, the left panel is MainMenu control. It is collapsible. Please […]

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Beta 2 Release

TiwulFX Beta 2 has been released. It got new features and some bug fixes. Get the latest binaries (20130101_a) in repository download page. New Features Agile and Normal Editing. To toggle between them, checkout the table menu in the bottom-right. See the video on 50:59. Change the amount of rows in a page. This feature […]

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