Version 2.0




The jar is available in Maven Central Repo. You can get the binary and souce-code jars there. The runnable demo is described in demo page.


The source code is in bitbucket. Caution, the branch is java8!

  • TiwulFX.
    git clone
    cd tiwulfx
    git checkout -b java8 origin/java8
  • TiwulFX-Demo
    git clone
    cd tiwulfx-demo
    git checkout -b java8 origin/java8

  • Conqueror


  • rcpacheco

    I cloned both tiwulfx & tiwulfx-demo, and checked out the java8 branch, as indicated above. Opened both proyects in netbeans and did clean build to both of them succesfully. nevertheless, when tryinto run tiwulfx-demo, I keep getting the error: Caused by: javafx.fxml.LoadException: Resource “name” not found.
    Then I changed the persistence.xml to: , but got the same result.
    Please help!! :'(

    • jingglang

      I just pushed the fix. Please pull.

      Thanks for using TiwulFX. If you find anything, please submit an issue in Bitbucket.

      • rcpacheco

        Thank’s a lot to you for the fast response and for the great components!!

  • Marcello Garini

    Using Maven with eclipse the dependecy is not resolved…on maven repository ( ) the project is still in 1.1
    Any way to resolve that? Thanks

    • Marcello Garini

      and resolved, didn’t see it was on sonatype 😉 added the remote repo. thanks for the good work!