Running Demo

Java Web Start

You can run the demo in several ways. The easiest way is using Java Web Start provided in Demo page. If it is failed due to some reasons, try to download the jnlp file. After that fire up a terminal, go to the folder you downloaded the jnlp file and execute this command.

javaws tiwulfx-demo.jnlp


Navigate to this link.

Executable Jar

Get the latest TiwulFX-Demo executable jar in our repository download page. After extracted it, double click tiwulfx-demo.jar, or execute this command in terminal

java -jar tiwulfx-demo.jar

Run From Source

To run the demo from the source, you need to get tiwulfx and tiwulfx demo source code as explained in download page. After that, open NetBeans and import both projects. Tiwulfx-demo project depends on tiwulfx project. So make sure it is configured properly before running tiwulfx-demo project.